Innovation - Research

We scrutinise each project completed by Cbus Property to look at which design initiatives produce the best outcomes, and what can be improved. This process of improvement is applied to our existing development pipeline to ensure every advantage is gained on behalf of every future development.

A 5 Star NABERS rating was once an aspirational goal, today we are see a 6 Star NABERS rating as becoming the new benchmark as technology, design and management expertise continues to evolve, Cbus Property will continue to lead the industry in sustainability developments. 

Cbus Property applies an outwards looking management approach to manage its environmental design challenges and performance risks embedding sustainability into every facet of our development business producing a range of innovative design practices such as :

  • Orientation influenced building design.
  • Low heat load façades.
  • Post project completion design reviews.
  • Modular micro tri generation plants.
  • Adaptive VSDs and smart pumps in plant and equipment.
  • New world lighting solutions.
  • Super web smart metering portfolio platforms.

As an integral part of our developments, Cbus Property also align our management teams with our development teams during the design and development process to ensure that all the operational and post completion sustainability expertise are applied to each new design to ensure that every possible enhancement of value can be applied to not only the design but the manner in which the building’s will be ultimately managed.

Cbus Property encapsulates sustainability innovations within all aspects of the management of our buildings such as;

  • Whole building tenancy sustainability conferences.
  • NABERS occupancy meetings established during construction.
  • Green building lease and fit out documentation.
  •  Pre-completion management fine tuning.
  • Carbon neutrality programs.
  • Maximizing renewable energy opportunities